Reasons to Consider DNA Extraction Services

With the human genome having been mapped, it’s no wonder that DNA extraction services like Bioserve’s are becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Still, not many people fully understand what DNA extraction is or how it can be useful to their lives. With that in mind, here are just a few of the many ways that DNA extraction can be a valuable service for the average person.

DNA Extraction Services1. Studying Genetic Causes of Diseases

It’s no secret that some diseases are unfortunately hereditary. Diseases like cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia can be passed down from one generation to the next. Through DNA extraction, researchers can determine not only whether or not a person has these diseases, but also whether they’re a carrier of the gene for their offspring.

2. Paternity Tests

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of DNA extraction services, thanks to daytime television shows like Jerry Springer and Maury, is its role in determining who the father of a child is. As DNA sequences are like genetic fingerprints, they can be used to determine who the father of a child is when the parent is otherwise impossible to detect.

3. Detecting Bacteria and Viruses in the Environment

By taking samples of plants and soil in the environment, researchers can extract DNA and determine if there are any unnatural substances lurking there. Many DNA services are able to extract DNA from virtually any bio-material in existence. Homeowners that are unsure of their land’s safety can use DNA extraction specialists to see if there is anything dangerous in the soil or water.

4. Forensic Science

Another famous example of DNA extraction is its role in criminal investigations. By taking samples of blood, semen, or any other bodily fluids, scientists can trace DNA remnants back to a database of any previous felons. In addition, police investigators can use this information in other ways to try and find first offenders.

5. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering may be the future of animal and plant development, but as of right now DNA extraction plays an incredibly vital role in preparing these processes. By genetically engineering specific strands of DNA, scientists can completely change the basic attributes of any given plant or animal. As DNA extraction and processing becomes more complex, these types of innovative changes will only grow more complex.