Protein Shakes – The Secret of Staying Young and Beautiful

While many people may argue that being beautiful and young is a state of mind, there is no gainsaying that looking after the body is perhaps more effective and commonly acceptable. The best way of having a beautiful body that looks young is to eat right and exercise right. Unfortunately most of us tend to eat too much of junk food, sleep less, and exercise even lesser. The best way of starting off a conscious fitness regimen is to take professional advice on the exercise routine and what you should be eating so that you have a beautifully-toned body that looks good and feels good.

protein shakes

Eating perfectly balanced and nutritious meals can be difficult particularly if you are a finicky eater. You can take recourse to protein supplements if an evaluation reveals your diet to be protein-deficient. The best thing about protein supplements is that they are usually in the form of powders and you can easily incorporate them into your normal meals as well as conjure up customized shakes and smoothies.

Dispelling a Myth

Whenever a protein shake is mentioned, people automatically assume it is meant only for people with special nutritional needs such as bodybuilders, or those engage in extreme sports or professional-standard athletics. However, it does need elucidation that far from being the sole staple of professional athletes, it can and should be consumed by anyone with a protein deficiency in his normal diet or by those requiring extra protein to be consumed to achieve a specific goal. Every person, whether a bodybuilder or not needs to consume proteins because they are not manufactured by the human body. Proteins from animal or plant sources contain specific amino acids that are the building blocks for cell repair and growth in the human body. Consumption of protein is essential for everyone to live and is not necessarily the domain of only bodybuilders. Among all the sources, the best protein comes from whey as it contains all the essential amino acids and is easily digestible by the body.

Proteins Make Us Beautiful

While the role of proteins in adding to muscle mass and strength gain has been highlighted for long, it may come as a complete surprise to many that proteins can play a very important part in preserving the beauty and youthfulness of ordinary men and women. One of the easiest ways of consuming protein is by way of shakes. You can very easily conjure up a very tasty assortment in your kitchen without much fuss at all. The main reason why you can make your body beautiful by consuming protein shakes is that you can adjust your diet so that you can shed any of the flab that you may have acquired. The proteins that you consume can keep your muscles strong and prevent your body from accumulating the saturated fats that are extremely harmful to your health. Most of the commercially available protein shakes in the market have large amounts of protein in every serving but no saturated fats at all.

Keeps Appetite in Check

The other great benefit of consuming protein shakes is that your stomach feels fuller and you don’t feel the urge to constantly eat stuff, which in all probability is not good for your health anyway. Dieticians will usually recommend that you kick off the day with a glassful of protein shake if your intention is to provide your body with the right nutrients and curb your instinct to keep on gobbling unhealthy stuff. However, you should not think that the more your protein consumption is, the more you benefit. Consult your dietician to get an idea of how much of the protein powder or shake you should be consuming so that you can achieve your goal without putting your body into distress mode. Also remember that these are supplements and are not meant to replace your normal diet entirely.

Author bio: Martin Morales is a professional dietician who specializes in getting women back into shape after childbirth. His best protein recommendation is invariably whey.