Planning to Visit Columbia South America; Know About It

There is abundance of fabulous destinations in South America, and amongst others Columbia have remained foremost because of its lively nature, and for visiting purpose. Columbia South America has more physical diversity packed which is approximately 400000 square feet of land which is enormous compared to any other country in South America. It is said that the place is located in “ring of fire” which is more famous for volcanoes and earthquakes occurring on frequent basis. It is only country in South America having coastlines on both Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean.

Columbia South AmericaColumbia South America often remained in news for other reasons than travelling. Now travellers can enjoy their safe visit to this destination. The place comprises some of the most exquisite low lands, along with beautiful mountain ranges that can be experienced only in this marvelous country.


The epitome of this country resides in the mountains in the hilly cities of Cali, Medelin, Zona Cafetera and Bogota. The capital is Bogota, which is densely populated town. The capital city preserves several historical monuments simultaneously embracing modern architecture. The destination’s geographical isolation has deliberately kept unaffected by outside influence. The infrastructure is good, buildings and roads well-maintained. Columbia South America is said to be the 3rd biggest and most visited place especially popular amongst art lovers.

People & Culture

Columbia South America’s culture is like its country’s weather, it varies by altitude. Life is slower and culture is laid-back. 95% of the people are Roman Catholic Church goers, and give great importance to Catholic sacraments. Spanish here is the language, and is easy to understand. People here are warm and friendly, and always welcoming. They are the best when it comes to hospitality. The country is well-known for being ahead when it come rejoicing festivals and dance.

This place is the mother of country of the famous Salsa dance. Travellers often look forward to discover the culinary landscape of the Columbia South America. Meat, Seafood Stew, Arpeas, Root vegetables is the staple food served. The diversity of this country is amazing from jungles, trekking to skyscrapers. So why not prepare your most important things such as passport, visa, ESTA, etc. and get ready for visiting America.

There is a coffee process museum and much more than drinking a cup over there. Also; there is this world famous Tayrona National Park, a home for tropical birds. The place is relatively pristine with a largest stretch of beach for beach lovers. Their colonial past and cultural blend define this country. The diversity of Columbia South America is amazing, from biggest cities with great nightlife and tall buildings, colonial cities, whale watching, Caribbean beaches, jungle treks, mountain climbing, coffee plantations, diving and archaeological ruins and much more makes Columbia a paradise on earth.