Personal Injuries at Sporting Events: Can You Sue When you are Hit by a Foul Ball?

Everyone loves a sport or another. There are those sports that are very risky even for the spectators. Some like baseball and cricket are mainly risky to the spectators. Stories have been told of people who have been struck by foul balls while in the field watching the baseball game. You know how hard the base ball is hard itself. Being hit by one of these is going to be like being hit by a stone. The fact that the game is played by men who seem to have supernatural strength does not make things any easier. They strike balls with such force.


Foul balls find their way to the stands all the time. When you go to watch baseball, you are always at the risk of getting plunked. Some people sustain severe injuries and others die as a result of such accidents. If you get hit by a foul ball at the game can you sue for personal injury? This is one of the frequently asked questions in personal injury. Getting in touch with the best personal injury attorney is going to be of great help to you. If you are in Seattle you will find the best personal injury attorney only at Premier Law Group.

What are the dynamics of such a case?

Well, there is no need of beating around the bush. In such cases the possibility of winning the lawsuit are very slim. It is a very occurrence and all but then according to the law it does not matter whether you have been struck by a foul ball or some errant bat that came flying your way. The chance that you will win that suit is very low. This however should not deter you from seeking the counsel of a personal injury attorney. These professionals are in the position of giving you advice on the factors at play in your case.

The Baseball Rule states that when you purchase a ticket and show up at the game, you are putting yourself at risk of getting injury and assuming the liabilities that accompany the injury. Sometimes this law can be bent depending on what was happening during the game. Such rulings are very rare but they do take place. The court might decide that a victim hit by a foul ball can proceed to seek damages from the team.

Assumption of risk

This is one of the terms that you will get to hear in some personal injury cases. The team will want to apply ‘The Baseball Rule’ which states that anyone sitting in any part of the stadium aside from the most dangerous parts of the crowd is assuming risk. This is a defense claim that is made in personal injury lawsuits. In essence it means that the injured party had knowledge that they could suffer injury but still went ahead to engage in the activity in question. It is a really tricky situation but with the help of an attorney you will be get a clearer understanding of such issues.

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