Organic Food and You

Organic food is a trend that is gaining prominence world over. It is akin to a movement that seeks to move towards healthier eating and farming. Organic foods are those produced by scientific techniques that do not include synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. These foods are also devoid of any artificial element including industrial solvents and food additives. The revolution, however, is validated on account of its several advantages.

1.      Nutritious and Fresh

According to a study by the European Union, organic food can have up to more than 50% antioxidants which play a significant role in avoiding diseases like cancer and also those of the heart. With more minerals and vitamins, these foods contribute to building a stronger immune system.

Organic Food

2.      Taste

It can be observed that most non-organic food is good to look at but is lacking in taste and freshness. Organic produce on the other hand, is superior in build and unparalleled in taste. It is unlikely that you will indulge in junk or non-organic food once you have been accustomed to the taste of organic produce.

3.      Environment Friendly

Organic farming is an ideal method to retain the quality of the environment. Cultivation through organic methods contribute to a reduction in pollution and help in the conservation of soil, water, and energy. The lack of pesticides and artificial elements also ensure a safe environment for birds and animals.

4.      Antibiotic Resistance

People usually turn to antibiotics when ill by means of vaccines and medication. A little known fact is that livestock and feed houses often inject animals with antibiotics as well. This extra dose of unnecessary medication through unknown forms will only lead to a weakened immune system. Organic food on the other hand has no such complications.

5.      Healthy Lifestyle

With no chemicals and artificial ingredients, you are on your way to a very healthy lifestyle with organic food and produce. The lack of chemicals and other harmful ingredients will begin to show their effect on your general health by means of a better immune system and a slow aging process.

The revolution is gradually spreading to different parts of the world. Organic Food in Hong Kong has gained prominence and is believed to have grown by more than 40% in the past 2-3 years. Countries like the USA and the European Union are taking this revolution to new heights with advanced research and studies. With the proof accumulated thus far, organic food is a smart way to lead a life.