Music Therapy and Its Facts

There are many kinds of resorts that a man can take from the daily stress of life. The real problem of the present generation is that they are over rated and they are always hyped in anger and stress. The music can pacify them greatly and keep them fit and fine.

Music therapy as a resort from stress and strain

Music is always been a talked about art form whether it is ancient Greek mythology or “Veda”. It is very regular to us that we are jumping with a tune or a simple sound of violin is making us cry. As human we are always creating relationship with sounds, it can be our mothers voice, or it can be the laugh of our loved ones. Even a dog knows the sound of master’s footsteps. This attachment with sounds is used in music therapy.

healthWhy go for the music therapy?

Researcher says that music impacts our brain waves. A fast and hard beat is likely to increase our brain waves and makes us feel pumped and ready to go and in other hand slow tempo makes our brain waves calm and makes us compose. Music shifts these moods very easily. Great actor Amitabh Bachhan said that music helps him a lot to get the right mood in acting.

Music pacifies us. Our bereaved hearts are coaxed by music. The body is calmed. It gains back the regular rate of metabolism which it had lost due to stress. Music restores the rate of heart beat and renders a normal life. Thus we can be fit and fine by just attaining a mental satisfaction.

It needs nothing but only a pair of functioning ears to work. Our heart rate also changes with those changing brain waves. Heart rate becomes slow or fast with music. It makes us energetic and it can make us calm also. This is why doctors asks not hear fast or loud music at the time of sleep. People who suffer from insomnia (sleeping disorder) are advice to listen slow and soothing music at night.

The anti aging light therapy‍ is also a good option

A new perspective

This form of therapy is still not been popular in countries like World. It is been gaining its popularity in West. It is very strange because in World music is always been a big part of our life. From films to religious carnivals music is a part. This is why World has a vast scope to improve in this aspect because man easily relates to music.

Anti aging light therapy is also done through musical journeys now.

Music reduces our stress, helps our muscles to relax, and makes us energetic. Thus it is used to cures us. It is used to control our nervous system. Children respond to music spontaneously, so it is widely used to make them stress free, it is also used to increase their tolerance and make their bond strong with society. Music therapy is a form which is yet to be explored and it is likely to gain popularity in future.