London Is A city Reflecting Its Own Specialty

Before travelling to London, you must have a thorough knowledge about the city. Hence, knowing about London is important for you since your visit will enable you to enjoy your trip to London. You can look for many exciting places that interest you. Among the most popular tourist destinations of the globe, London is one such place, which you must not miss. London is the capital of England and is considered to be a beautiful city built over the famous Thames River.


History of London

This great London city was discovered by the Romans during the second century. It was considered to be the biggest city on the globe until the year 1925.London can be proud of having the first urban network of rail. Britain celebrated its first festival during the year 1951. People across the world are always curious to visit London owing to its rich history. This city, since 1940, has attracted numerous migrants from Jamaica, Bangladesh and Pakistan, making it known to be a diverse city in Europe. London covers an area of 1,583 square kilometres geographically.

Features of London

The city of London is globally popular owing to:

  • Education
  • Art
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Professional services
  • Entertainment

The climate that you can find in London is known as temperate oceanic climate.

Major developments and attractive places

Diverse architecture and various styles can be observed in the city of London. The public buildings in this city are constructed out of Portland stones. Some of the noteworthy buildings in this modern era are:

  • Millennium Dome located near Thames
  • British Museum
  • British Library situated in Somers Town
  • City Hall located at Southwark
  • London has twelve skyscrapers
  • The tallest building – Sharp London Bridge- 310 meters in height

Popular parks

Several tourists visit London to relish seeing the beautifully designed gardens and parks in the city. The Regent’s park, Kensington gardens and Hyde Park, all are a part of the royal Parks of London. Besides, there are several other small parks which add greenery and beauty to the city. The oldest scientific zoo can be found in Regent’s park.

London’s strong transport

The transport facility in London is said to be very strong. Railway, road and air services are extremely well managed. Trams, buses, and underground rail network form the important public transport system. The largest airspace on the globe can be seen in London where Heathrow Airport is considered to be the international hub of air transportation. One of the popular means of travel is by cycling as it helps people to navigate quickly in the towns of London.

Tourist locations

There are several places of interest for tourists to visit in London. Some of them include:

  • National Maritime Museum
  • National History Museum
  • British Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Tower of London
  • Madame Tussaudas
  • Tate Modern
  • London eye


The city of London attracts international tourists to the tune of fourteen million and hence, tourism is found to be one of the major industries.London offers the best professional courses, as it is well known for its education system.