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For American investors, there are plenty of competent investment strategists to assist them with their investment portfolio. However, not of all of these professionals fall in the same league as Amit Raizada and neither are they as successful as he is. Not only has Mr. Raizada been in the financial and investment arena for a number of years, he has a wealth of experience that has assisted his clients earning optimum returns at minimum risks.

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What sets Mr. Raizada apart from his fellow investment strategists in the America is his dedication to his work. From a very early age, Amit Raizada has always had a keen interest in Economics and Business. He established Spectrum Business Ventures in 2002 and it is one of America’s prominent investment strategist firms. Mr. Raizada acknowledges that his success in the financial world is due to the support he received from his parents and other family members in all his endeavors. He completed his education from Michigan State University where he graduated in Economics. Amit Raizada was born to Indian parents in New Delhi, India but immigrated to the United States at the age of two with his parents.

In beginning of his career, Mr. Raizada was an investment consultant to many prominent multinational telecom companies prior to establishing Spectrum Business Ventures. These companies included Verizon, T-Mobile and Nextel. In his successful tenure with these companies, he was the mastermind behind many of their innovative corporate expansion programs. These programs were instrumental in rapid expansion of their outlets and consistent growth in their net revenues.

Amit Raizada is an inspiring role model and motivational leader for his team at Spectrum Business Ventures. Mr. Raizada evaluates the investment portfolios of all his clients in spite of having a busy schedule. He explains in the matter of investment and financial planning, each client’s needs are unique and never identical. Moreover, he makes sure that all his clients receive a patient hearing whenever they come to visit him with their investment needs. This gives him the opportunity to assess his clients’ needs and suggest new and innovative investment strategies that yield returns that are more lucrative.

Amit Raizada explains that it is imperative for all investment strategists to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the financial markets. The financial market is a dynamic environment and any competent investment strategist needs to be proactive. This is the only way that such a strategist can suggest innovative investment schemes that not only meets their investment needs but also gives them consistent lucrative returns.

Amit Raizada has also assisted many of his corporate clients with their complex mergers and acquisitions deals. According to Mr. Raizada, conventional investment schemes that previously gave investors financial security have become obsolete. Many innovative investment schemes have entered the market that yields lucrative returns to investors have entered the market. He makes it his mission to introduce his clients to such schemes. Mr. Raizada explain the investment needs of two individuals are never identical and as investor should never follow the investment needs of others blindly. To earn lucrative returns, it would better for them to consult a professional like him.