How to get rid of herpes at home?

One natural method of getting rid of herpes is applying certain kind of herbs and also some ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen. Herbs like tea tree, calendula, aloe Vera, chick week among others are known to be quite effective in eliminating herpes. Using these herbs is quite simple. Either you can directly apply the herbs on the affected area or mix them in tea and drink.

herpes treatment

Herb known as Echinacea is particularly effective in getting rid of herpes roots. This herb works by strengthening your immune system and battling all viruses and germs which promote growth of herpes on any area of your body.

A softener would usually help with this condition. Here one can go for salicylic acid therapy. This is one of the effective herpes treatments. Salicylic acid is available in many forms. It comes in cream tubes, gel forms, tapes or a patch. Any of these can be used. Even this takes a few weeks for it to heal.

At home you can rub ice cubes over that area to get your herpes symptoms relieved. Take an ice cube and rub over a herpes. You would feel that your pain is slowly starting to decrease. Sometimes in controversy your pain may get increased. But it is a good symptom that your herpes is getting freeze so that it may fall off within few days. Apply turmeric onto the affected area so that it does not spread to other areas. This is a good and effective anti-biotic that would help as well.

This salicylic acid therapy or the freezing therapy should not be given to the genital herpes as it would be more painful, the patient would not be able to bear. Other herpes treatments and medications which are commonly in use are fluorouracil which is physiologically acting cream or drug, bleomycin injection and cantharidin. But some of them are banned in certain countries as these are just experimental.