How To Determine if VoIP is the Right Choice for Your Business

Nowadays, it is not unusual to hear about VoIP technology and the many benefits it brings to a business. This is understandable, given reports from expert research firms like Infonetics who say that current communication needs push businesses towards unified communication solutions and efficient data management.

That being said, following this trend is not reason enough for a company to make the switch to VoIP. In order to help you make an informed decision, let’s take a comprehensive VoIP phone system as an example and analyze what it has to offer.


Essential Features

VoIP phone systems offer flexibility and full customization. Business owners are able to choose the exact amount of lines and devices to purchase. This is very convenient for small businesses who have a potential for future growth because no unnecessary investment is required. Additionally, the ability to program system features through a browser allows users to make ongoing changes if communication needs change.

The flexibility makes eventual expansions possible. VoIP phones do not require any complex wiring process as they are connected to the Internet and not to individual copper wired lines. It is also viable to add remote workers to the main system as long as such locations have access to a reliable Internet connection.

The Financial Factor

Purchasing a hi-tech VoIP phone may be more expensive than an analog or digital phone. However, it is a cost-effective investment in the long-term. VoIP phones are all-in-one devices that make advanced business phone features available. The most sophisticated ones even allow video calls from the same equipment. Consequently, productivity levels tend to increase as employees have a tool that make their jobs easier.

The most alluring benefit of VoIP is the significant call rate reduction it provides. VoIP phone calls are cheaper than traditional calls. They are connected through the Internet, so their costs are only the ones that impact a data plan.

A VoIP phone system is equally suitable for small and large businesses. The real determinant factor is the users’ willingness to leave a traditional system behind. This is a decision that should be made after researching the topic or talking to qualified professionals.

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