How Can Family Law Help You?

There are times when people’s lives are in turmoil and their family at risk. Divorce is one of the times when a family endures great stress, and children are torn between loyalties to both parents. Divorce is complicated enough when both parties are working amicably to dissolve the marriage, fairly distribute property, protect the children’s rights, and agree on financial responsibility. The majority of divorces occur when couples are at odds with each other, and the results can be ugly and costly. A family law attorney can provide the legal representation you need to protect your rights and the rights of your children.


Paternity and Child Support

Before the court orders child support payments, paternity must be established. A family law attorney can help you navigate through this legal issue of establishing paternity. Once paternity is established, a child support order can be put in place to ensure your child receives regular financial support. It’s important for a child to feel the security of both parents’ love and know each parent is contributing to his or her care. If there is a time when the loss of a job interferes with the child support payment, a family law attorney can assist with a child support modification order.

Custody and Visitation

According to Family Law Rights, determining who gains custody of your children can be very stressful. If both parents have provided loving care and there is no question of abuse, work out a joint custody arrangement and avoid further conflict for your children. Both parents’ attorneys can work together to arrange a custody arrangement with visitation rights that work to the benefit of the child. Family law is concerned with protecting the child and helping both parents have meaningful relationships with their children. Your family law attorney can also assist with the modification of an existing visitation order if circumstances require changes, such as a new job that requires weekend work. When parents work together to accomplish what is best in their child’s interest, the court may leave the visitation arrangements to their decision.

Fathers’ Rights

A family law attorney works hard to protect a father’s rights in a divorce and custody case when it is not amicable. Mothers no longer have automatic custody of children, as the court always seeks to act in the child’s benefit. According to Legal Match, there are several different forms of custody orders.

  • Legal custody grants the right to make decisions relating to the child’s education, religious training, and medical care. When possible a judge grants legal custody to couples with a joint custody order enabling them to make important decisions together.
  • Physical custody is the right of one parent to have the child living in the home, or the judge may grant a 50/50 joint custody to parents.
  • Sole custody means only one parent will have full parental rights and allows the other parent to only have visitation.

Other forms of custody orders exist for unusual circumstances. You family law attorney can assist you with obtaining the right order for your family.