High yielding AlgoRates software

AlgoRates is an investment fund, based in the British, whose software, providing investment advices for its clients, has enabled them to earn an average annual return of not less than 20% in a consistent manner for all the years from 2007.


The audited financial statements of the company have confirmed this performance. Further, prediction by the company as to the down turn of the gold and the decline in the Australian dollar have turned out to be true and the implementation of the suggestions given by them have increased the values of the portfolio of the investors by about 300%.

Market analysts are surprised and are unable to decipher the reasons are for such predictions coinciding with the actual remarkable results and performance. The algorithmic trading technologies resulting in consistent success stories are kept highly confidential. The success could be attributed to the algorithms and the well thought out and well developed software, coupled with the regular updation of the market trends and data and constant supervision by their dedicated professional market analysts.

Recently, Algorates.com has reorganized in the UK, though it has been concentrating on investment banks and huge hedge funds. This reorganization will enable the large number of smaller investors and medium sized investors to access the modern and profitable funds in the market; previously a smaller number of non professional investors only were enabled to pool their funds into cooperative portfolios.

All these have earned a unique position in the market for the algorate’s algorithmic product. The traders in the stock and investment markets have to necessarily dependent upon these high tech tools to stay in the dynamically changing market so as to predict and make investment decisions. The market analysts are also contemporarily using this system. Such is the potential of this high yielding AlgoRates trading robot, prevailing in the market today and many magazines and newspapers have subscribed to this.