Herbal Remedies: Chemical-free Medicine for Everyday Ailments

In a time where we are surrounded by ever expanding scientific knowledge and chemistry, many people seek shelter from these “unnatural” substances. There are grocery stores and farms that sell organic food, free of pesticides and chemicals.

herbal remedies

There are also places that offer traditional herbal remedies to ailments that are free from the dangers many associate with newer, more chemical based medicines. Note that while the medical world is divided as to the benefits of many herbal products, lab testing indicates a high success rate for treatment. Many clinical studies are divided on the subject.

Here are a few symptoms that can be helped with various herbal extracts as well as a few benefits one can find with these treatments. Herbal extracts get into your system faster than pill form medication and so get to the root of your problem sooner.

Glucosamine Sulfate has been known to help treat osteoarthritis, being given a “likely effective” rating in laboratory studies. It is a natural chemical produced by the human body and forms the fluid around joints. It can be harvested from shellfish shells or produced under artificial conditions in a lab.

There are plenty of natural antibiotics that come entirely from common plants and herbs for treating ailments such as neck and body pains. You could use Dandelion (root and leaves), Bee Pollen, White Oak Bark or Eucalyptus. Those are just a handful of the herbal treatments that offer a nice boost to your immune system.

To help treat migraines and body aches, herbalists recommend extracts of Peppermint Oil, Black Cohosh, Ginger and Valerian Root (just to name a few). People searching for a health conscious energy boost need look no further than Elderberry or Siberian Ginseng extract. Yarrow, Bee Pollen and Wild Rose Lips are also known to help bring up ones energy.

These traditional melodies and herbal products have been tried and tested by humans throughout history, before labs and before modern medical science. That doesn’t mean it is any better or worse, I believe that has to do with the problem and the way one wishes to treat it. If you are suffering from common ailment such as neck pain or body pain you can also look at sites such as WWW.NECKPAINRELIEF.INFO which provides good information on the subject.

What it does mean is that peoples as old as the first nations of North America and Ancient Eastern cultures were using these during their eras. Very few of these medications have adverse side effects, and the ones that do are often quite mild, why not try them out next time you have a headache instead of grabbing the over the counter drugs? It may be compatible with your body and lifestyle, give it a try.