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The Amato Law Group founded by Alfred L Amato is 1995 is one of the topmost legal firms in Long Island today. This law firm is renowned for its dedicated legal services in all field of law in the region. It has some of the top quality and skilled lawyers who are passionately dedicated to protecting the basic rights of their clients round-the-clock.


This legal firm represents many esteemed clients that cover Fortune 100 companies, banks, real estate developers, small and large business entities and start-ups. Its diverse clients regularly sought the services of its skilled and experienced lawyers in the region. Clients keep on coming back to the law firm for their litigation and other legal needs because the lawyers are productive, hardworking and have a vast knowledge about the legal system in the land. In fact, this law firm is second to none when it comes to standard and service in the area.

Today, The Amato Law Group is primarily a success mainly due to the efforts of its founder Alfred L Amato . He is a strong name to reckon within the legal arena in the region today. This may sound like an excess exaggeration but it is true. Alfred L Amato is a major inspiration to other legal professionals in the area. He established the Garden City Office of the legal firm in 1995 with the objective of expanding legal services in the area. His major objective was to make this prominent legal firm into a boutique firm. This means that clients will receive customized legal services when they come to his firm for their needs. Today, the efforts of Alfred L Amato has been very successful as the firm is one of the widely sought after ones in New York today.

Since Alfred Amato has established the law firm, he has made it a point to strictly adhere to all the principles of law in the land. The law firm is one of the best law groups in the area and all the lawyers associated with it are widely reputed for the levels of sincerity and dedication towards the interests of the client. Unlike other law firms, Amato Law Firm does not focus solely on profits. It believes in quality and aggressively protecting the well being of the client no matter how big or small the case may be.

Thanks to the presence of the Amato Law Group , people in the area are able to get speedy respite from their legal issues and problems. The staff is very quick and prompt when it comes to the filing processes.  The skilled and experienced lawyers take up every aspect of the case and alleviate stress and tension with ease. They ensure that they are with the clients from the start to finish of the case. They provide legal counseling services as well. The law firm has its offices in Garden City, Manhattan and Metuchen, New Jersey. Clients can contact the skilled lawyers anytime with their requirements.