Fighting against Drugs and Fighting for Good Life

If there is one thing that most people do on the face of danger or trouble then it has to be that of backing away or escaping. Though it is a very cowardly thing to do, everyone has to understand that the way to get out of a problem is by dealing it, facing it. This said, if a person in the family takes to smoking or drug addiction on the face of trouble, then his entire family becomes a victim to it and adds on to their existing woes. Children and young teens in their tender years become prey to drugs themselves.

drug addiction

As per Heather Taras, drug addiction is something that is common in teenagers. This is a shocking fact but it is nevertheless true. The teenagers might have their parents or adults in the family taking them and they might even give the explanation and reason with anyone willing to hear them out. Upbringing plays a major role in a young man or a girl to become drug addicts.

Who can become prey to drugs?

Almost anyone who is passing through a difficult phase in life and needs to escape reality or those who are suffering from mental illness or physical pain might wish to be in the euphoric world of drugs even if it is for a short time. Drug addiction can happen due to peer pressure in school or college where a youngster might struggle to fit in to a group.

Rave parties and drugs might seem very logical and easy to them, though they might know that it is wrong at the back of their minds. This means that they feel that in order to look “cool”, having drugs is the only option that is available.

It is also true that many elderly people or those with chronic illnesses become victims of prescribed drugs their doctors might have suggested long time ago. This means they are totally unaware of the risks that their health is posing on continuing medication. They might be unknowing victims of drug abuse.

Getting control and trying to come out:

Drugs might take control of a person slowly and even cause cravings. These cravings might affect the brain so much that due to that many people become crazy. This is why drug de-addiction programme should begin as soon as a person develops the conditions.

Few individuals might do their best to spread awareness and help the world to fight drug addiction. For Heather Taras, drug de-addiction fight is a long drawn one, and though she is now in college in Washington, she plans to work on fighting drug abuse and doing something more productive and concrete to fight the drug abuse. Whether a person is on the primary stage or on the advanced stage, he would require counseling at every stage. This counseling would help him see life beyond drugs and respond to it in a very positive manner and with great enthusiasm too.