Few Simple Tips For Getting Pregnant

It`s not a big deal if a woman desires to conceive after a decade of her marriage. In hectic lifestyles, people hardly get any time to plan for babies. Hence one can end up delaying such matters thereby landing up in fertilization issues. Though ability to conceive after 35-40 years of age decreases incredibly, but that does not mean that one cannot get pregnant at all. By following some simple tips to become pregnant, one can easily have a little nipper playing at one`s lap.


In order to get pregnant one must make sure that one practices ejaculation just after one finishes with menstrual cycle. The 12-14 days after one finishes with menstrual cycle is the best time to perform ejaculation as there is a greater possibility for the sperm to fertilize the egg. However infertilization of a woman even after ejaculating at the right time can depend on many other factors including stress, illness, environment change and some other factors. In case one does not conceive by making a single effort, then there is nothing to worry about it. Maybe there would have been some mental obstruction which would have prohibited pregnancy. Trying ejaculation repeatedly after ending up with the menstruation shall surely render success to the couple.

A healthy baby requires a fresh sperm to meet an egg. Thus one must avoid having intercourse during menstrual cycle as the sperm lasts up to 72hours inside the vagina. Thus in order to increase the possibility of pregnancy, one must perform intercourse after one gets completely cleared off with the periods.

Thirdly one must keep a certain gap between intercourses performed. By keeping the gap of 5-6 days in the middle shall enhance the sperm count of the partner comparatively. Greater sperm count is directly related with pregnancy. Thus one must follow this simple rule to combat fertility issues. One should try to spend more time together. Spending more time shall create a better bond which is very much required for the birth of a healthy baby.

In case one has too much of hectic lifestyle then one can also choose to perform yoga and change certain dieting plan in order to get pregnant. It has been seen that by performing yoga, even if you are declared to be infertile, you can witness positive symptoms that you are pregnant. Yoga has an intense power of curing major fertility issues.

Apart from performing routine yoga, one can also get detailed information about some special dietary plans from the specialized dieticians. One can also choose to have some medicines that can fasten the fertilization process. One must make sure that one takes ample time to relax while working at office or home. A hectic lifestyle can result in chemical pregnancies or other fertilization issues.

Last but not the least, one must get the sperm count of the husband checked if one is unable to conceive after making ample efforts. The sperm counts play a great role in fertilization of the egg. Doctors can prescribe certain medicines that are capable of enhancing the sperm count of the husband without causing any sort of side-effects or inconveniences.