Favorite Outdoor Equipment with your Pets

What does your pet enjoy the most? It is the long walk which they enjoy the most. These long walks with your pets are a great exercise and a great way to bond with your pets. Sometimes the onlookers will find it difficult to differentiate who is running whom. The most important thing here is to teach your pet on how to walk with the collar around their neck. It will be a good exercise and fun activity for them as well.

Outdoor Equipment.LEATHER DOG COLLARS Needed

  • Buckle Leather Collars – These collars will not control the dogs that are untrained. The owner should tie the ID and the license of the dog around their neck.
  • Chain Collars – They are also called as training, chain collars or choke collars. They tighten around the collar when they are pulled or they need a correction. They are draped over the neck and it hangs out loosely. They should not be burdened with the weight of the collar. These collars add small corrections to the dog’s training and also pull their attention towards you. In this condition, you should never leave your dog unattended.
  • Prong Collars – These collars have a pointed metal towards the dog’s neck. They are again used for training purposes for big and hefty dogs.
  • Head Halter Straps – These straps tied all across the head and controls the complete body of the dog. Your dog might feel uncomfortable at the starting but once used to it, these collars will become their best friends.
  • Harness – These straps are used for smaller dogs and puppies.
  • Reflect and Light-Up Collars – If you take your dog in the dark or for trekking and camping, these collars are extremely helpful. Some of the Leather Dog Collars have strips of reflective tape sewn on them and sometimes even the LED lights are tied to these collars. They help your dog to lead the way in the dark or during night time. Basically, they have to be durable and properly sized to make them comfortable with their collars. Owners should not apply their style, taste and preference on the pets as their choice might sometimes not be comfortable for them.

Sometimes these dog collars are very durable and sometimes they snap when your pet applies little pull. So, you should always look for the options that will last long. There some leather padded collars which are very comfortable and soft for the dog’s neck. It also helps you to gain more control of your dog. They are wide chest plated as well, which distributes the pull weight across the body instead of only stressing the neck. These leathers padded collars can be used for multi purposes like tracking, hiking, walking, pulling, etc. Dogs love this strap as it is easy to pull off and on according to their comfort as well.

There are many handicrafts collars which are made by the owners themselves according to the comforts of their dog.

Uses of the dog collars

  • ·         Training Activity – There are many activities for which the dogs are trained and the trainers need the collars to train them.
  • ·         Pulling Activity – It can be used for pulling your dog. There are many pulling harnesses which are used for several activities like rollerblading, bicycle pulling and jogging.
  • ·         Weather Resistant Activities- There are activity which the dogs are trained for in military and security systems. They have to be weather resistant collars which help in performing well even if the collars are wet. They should not be uncomfortable during such activities.