Do you want to buy Loose Diamonds? Use this Guide

If you are searching for affordable loose diamonds, it is always a good idea to set a budget and know what you want. This is an important step towards choosing from a variety of diamonds online to find the stones that are most ideal for your specified needs.



Begin by considering what carat weight would be suitable for you. When you want to buy loose diamonds, it is important to note that carat weight influences the price of the loose diamond. Along with determining the price of the loose diamond, carat weight also affects the size.

You can base your decision on your expectations or those of the person you want to buy a diamond for. It is advisable to carry out some research about these aspects before making your purchase to decide whether you want a larger or smaller diamond.


Another essential consideration is the shape of the diamond according to your needs. The shape refers to the diamond’s form which is usually observed from the top. Each diamond has special features and the shape that you consider most beautiful will be based on your taste.

The aesthetic value of a diamond shape depends on your personal preference. If you are buying the diamond for someone special in your life, you can ask around or directly consult the person. The diamond shape is a well known shape and depending on the site’s policy, you may be able to return what you buy and exchange it with something else if you change your mind. There are different shapes to choose from, with some being more costly than others.


This is the first considerations that you make on the basis of the technical aspects of buying a cheap loose diamond. After making a decision regarding the size and shape of the diamond, you can move on to the cut. This generally refers to the skill that has been used to cut the diamond. Cut quality affects how diamonds reflect and refract light. This contributes to the sparkle and color of the diamond. How well the diamond is cut ultimately determines the sparkle it has.


Clarity is an essential characteristic of loose diamonds. It refers to the appearance of the diamond that is based on its internal and external characteristics. Naturally occurring inclusions and blemished on and inside the diamond affect the cost and overall appearance of the diamond. Virtually all diamonds have imperfections and those that have minimal or none are graded the highest in terms of clarity.

High Quality Standards

Diamond sellers assure their customers of high quality standards. They offer a wide variety of diamonds and loose diamonds are readily available. Loose diamonds are not set into jewelry and they give you the benefit of being able to set them into jewelry pieces of your choice.

You can also select the type of metal you want along with the design that you prefer. Choose between small and large well-cut diamonds that feature the clarity, cut and color that you want. Loose diamonds are ready for mounting on jewelry or can be kept as investments.


Lorraine Williams has been a jewelry supplier and consultant for 10 years. Having great experience in handling different types of jewelry, he is able to tell quality jewelry from the look. To find out more about cheap loose diamond offers, visit his blog today.