Different Ways to Buy Domain with High Page Rank

PageRank is nothing but a metric that provides the real value of the page or a website. It is one of the most basic metrics for the Google search algorithm. Page Rank possesses a numeric scale which ranges from 1 to 10. If you find N/A, that means the page does not contain any page rank. PR 0 in homepages or the subpages denote very little or no authority in the eyes of Google. On the other hand, PR 10 means a lot when it comes to the authority factors. As the scale functions logarithmically, increasing the PR from 6 to 7 is very difficult than to go from 0 to 1.


Reason of Buying High PR Domain: There can be various reasons for buying high PR domain. It is mainly because of the following SEO reasons:

  • A high PR domain will basically rank high in the search engines results page and will function much faster than the domains with low PR.
  • The high PR domains can be used for ranking other pages, which possess little or no PR by placing a link from the high PR websites.
  • If you are involved in the blog networks, the users can add their high PR blogs to maintain their PR value. This action is mainly done in the exchange of article submission with free credits and it can also reduce the SEO costs for the end users.
  • The individuals who buy and sell the domains, the high PR domains can be an excellent way to earn money if you keep on selling them. You can flip domains and gain a lucrative market as there are many users who are going to buy high pr domains.
  • You can also rent homepage links to the clients if you possess an SEO service.
  • If you can grab an aged domain with high page rank and possess the particular keyword you were looking for, it will become very easy for obtaining the first page rank in the results page.
  • Page ranking process is very time consuming process where you are required to wait for months for Google for the periodical ranking update. It is faster as well as easier to buy a domain with high PR instead of starting from the scratch.

How Can You Buy Domains With High PR?

You can go to the web market and search for domains with your desired PR level. Then check whether the domain is indexed or not. A proper background check will reveal whether the PR is legitimate or fake. Make sure that the domain never dropped in the past. Backlink profile must be checked for obtaining the Page rank before finally buying it.

Steps To Check The Domains:

Step 1: Scouting For Domains: You will find tons of high PR domains, but you are required to select the best ones. There are many websites which can provide lists of high PR domains among which you can choose according to your requirement.

Step 2:   Check Indexing: Try to check whether the domains have been indexed by Google or not.

Step 3: Page Rank: Fake or Real? You must check whether the page rank is fake or real.

Besides the above verification, you should also check the backlink profile of the domain and check whether the domain has dropped in the past or not. You must check whether the inbound and outbound links exist or not. If you are satisfied that the page rank is legitimate, you must make the judgment call by yourself. The payment options are also very easy with proper interfaces.

Author Bio:  Peter Samson is an SEO professional. In this article, he suggests the different ways to buy high pr domains.