Choosing the Right Vet

Your vet may prescribe pharmaceutical treatments for your pet’s medical needs. These veterinary medicines may include antibiotics to help fight infections, topical creams or sprays to clear up rashes or other skin conditions, antiparasitics to rid your pet of parasites, insulin shots for your diabetic pets, or liquids or pills given orally to deal with all manner of acute or chronic conditions. No matter what medication your particular vet in Brisbane prescribes, it will be up to you to make sure those medicines are administered properly.

To insure drugs are safe and effective for your pet, ask your vet how they should be handled. Some must be refrigerated once opened or mixed. Others can be stored on shelves out of reach of your pets or children. Unless otherwise instructed, do not store medicines in extremely cold or hot places such as coolers, outdoor storage, garages, or cars. Make sure to carefully read each medication’s label and ask your vet in Brisbane if he has specific instructions for your pet.

Ask the veterinary staff to help you understand how to administer medicine to your pet. Lotions or topical treatments are simple to manage, but oral medications and injections can be tricky. For cats, flavored liquids are a good choice. For dogs, pills can be hidden in treats or crushed up in wet food. Injections will require a little training, so work with your vet to understand how to safely and effectively administer shots.

We know you have choices of vets in Brisbane. The experienced vets at McDowall Veterinary Practice top the list of vets Brisbane residents trust and their pets love. Our client-focused, comprehensive care insures you’ll never leave our office without a complete understanding of your pets’ health conditions, mediations, and procedures. Our goal is to make office visits enjoyable and comfortable for you and your pets.