Choosing an apt story book for your kid

Story books that tend to comprise of valiant characters, help little children to derive inspiration from them. Children get instantly inspired by those characters thereby developing peculiar moral values in them. However, there must a proper balance between the negative and positive characters of the stories. There must not be too much of negativity in the book or else it can divert the brain of the child from goodness. The child may find the villain to be stronger and may begin taking inspiration from him. Thus, one must be quite careful that what the exact story theme is and what are roles of the characters in the entire stories tend to have a perfect blend of valor and cunningness.  The expertly written books are all time favorite of kids.

Story book catsRhyming books are equally important

Apart from usual story books, rhyming books also hold a distinct fascination over the child`s brain. The silly songs that are repeated by the baby all day long are timeless classics. Such books help children to learn different patterns of speech.

Songs and rhymes that are included in kid`s books pulls the young readers into participation of reading process.  Older children love to sing songs along with reading stories. They develop mimics that sound similar to their speaking skills.

Personalized story books

In order to add additional value to a book, one can gift a personalized story book to the little girl/boy. You are sure to see a special spark in the eyes of the child while reading the personalized story book. With, you can get a complete range of all categories of kid’s stories. The site has best of cat stories for little kids who are above 3 years old. You can buy your favorite story book with just one click.