Background Check Agencies, What Do These Mysterious Organizations Actually Do

One of the activities that are conducted during an interview is a background check. In this activity, the records of the past behavior of an employee are scrutinized and analyzed. This is done so as to ascertain that the employee will not be a risk to the organization or its clients. The organization can conduct these tests themselves or invest in the services of a background check agency.

Background Checks

What is this agency and what do they do?

A background check agency is an organization that searches for and finds detailed information about potential employees and candidates for certain positions. These agencies conduct these activities so as to fulfill the requirements put forward by their clients, local authorities and even the government.

These background check agencies utilize flexible methods of attaining these details. They can get the information in person or through distant investigation. Not only do they find it, they store it securely, are timely and ensure that the data is accurate. Their services are often beneficial to the client organizations.

What benefits can a company or organization get by hiring these agencies?

The main benefit is that they are able to learn as much as possible about their potential employees through the services of these agencies. These checks are a method through which companies can shortlist potential employees from a list of applicants. This increases the quality of employees who are eventually hired. Moreover, this reduces the cost of hiring for companies that utilize agencies for the purpose of background checks.

A standard background check performed by these agencies includes analysis of:

  1. Criminal background
  2. Credit status
  3. Reference checks with active investigations
  4. Education and credential verification
  5. Verification of past employment
  6. Tracing and validation of one’s social security number
  7. License verification for professionals
  8. State and civil record checks
  9. Analysis of vehicle records
  10. Analysis of their past and present addresses

Characteristics of the agencies that perform background checks

They always comply with local and national FCRA regulations. This ensures that their actions are legal and protects you as the client from fines or lawsuits. The agencies look for the potential employees’ data from sources that have nothing to do with online databases. This ensures that the investigative process is as thorough as possible. Examples of such sources are courthouse records. They also employ representatives who make visits to universities and other institutions where the potential employees could have attended in search of data about them.


The above characteristics ensure that the information provided by these agencies is legitimate and thorough. Moreover, they ensure that the records referred to are genuine. They collect evidence of affirmation by related officials to prove the legitimacy of these records. As such, when a company invests time and money in such an agency to perform background checks on potential employees, they can be sure of high quality, exhaustive investigation and reliable results.


Roseanne Fox is a background check investigator. She has worked with more than a dozen background check agencies in the past. Her experience has lent a lot to this particular report. To know more about background checks, visit this website.