An Incredible Solution to Elderly Home Care in Rhode Island

An elderly and disabled home care solution should be resigned to take care of the following key areas. It should be undertaken in familiar surroundings, in this case at the home of the care seeker. It should offer more independence to the potential care seeker; they should still retain full control over their lives. The care should be personalized; this means the care should be flexible and not alter the day-to-day lives of the care seeker.


Additionally the package should allow for shared responsibility between the care giver and the member of family responsible for taking care of the senior. This means that there should be an arrangement where these issues are agreed upon amicably, say, the caregiver only deals with specific issues that affect the care seeker, while the other individual takes care of the rest. The support should also be adaptable enough to allow for changes in the offering of services as appropriate.

The Service Offering In A Nutshell

  1. Sign up on the platform with all the required details.
  2. Log into the portal with your credentials and begin the search for a fully vetted, qualified caregiver.
  3. Select the home care giver that fully matches up with your needs.
  4. Check the availability and book the appropriate caregiver.
  5. Complete your payment within the portal by giving your credit card details.
  6. Sit back, relax and wait for your caregiver to arrive on schedule and on time.

The ease of use of the platform is amazing as it makes the entire process simple for you, the client, seeking out a caregiver and for the care seeker to sign up. The platform has an intuitive interface that makes the whole interaction clear and fun for all the parties involved.

A Full Range of Solutions

We, the top senior care Rhode Island, are offering a wide range of services that cover companion care and transportation services on our platform. This means that we are offering our services to make sure that every conceivable need of the care seeker is taken care of. Thus, our care seekers can offer the following services over and above the usual services; engage the care seeker in activities such as games, events and drop them off for scheduled appointments.

Security Is Paramount

We undertake the most rigorous security checks in the industry and we are driven by the desire to make the interaction between the care seeker and care giver as secure and seamless as possible. To this end, we invest a lot in running all the required background checks on applicants who seek to be care givers. We follow all the laid down procedures and protocol of the health industry in taking care of hiring the care givers.

We also undertake interviews to ascertain the suitability of the care giver applicant for the task. We cover the care giver by running checks in the care seeker, to ensure that the environment where they want to work in is secure and worthwhile. This double covering makes the platform the premiere online location for anyone seeking a home care giver in the whole of Rhode Island.