Add some Music to Your Life

The birth of a child or the death of a person, both have one thing in common – medicines. There is hardly any situation in life when one may not have resorted to medications. The world is said to be functioning on prescriptions, and there is a “pill for every ill” as they say it. Each physical and mental ailment has only one answer, taking some kind of medication; be it a minor cut or headache or a major cancer or fracture, it all comes down to the one and same thing, medicines.


It is unfortunate, though, that the side effects of these medicines are overlooked. These are what cause harm majorly to other parts of the body, while mending one part. This is one big reason why researchers all over the world are continuously working to find alternative means that will provide complete relief to every sort of patient. Among the already found alternatives is massage, hypnosis, aroma therapy and even Homeopathy, but the latest and most preferred would definitely be – the music therapy.

It could be safely said that this is the most preferred because of the kind of love that a large number of people, in fact, all people have for music of some sort. While some are interested in loud and fast music, there are several others who prefer soft and slow numbers. Still others love musical theatre and another handful is passionate about playing some kind of a musical instrument. So, you see, music is intricately connected to the lives of almost all individuals, irrespective of their age or sex. Probably, only an alien would not love music in some form or the other.

While for some music may be a recreation, for some a profession, for some it is a vent to feelings; and there are others to whom music is life. Anything they do has to have music in it. For instance, Bradley J Sterling is intimately inclined towards theatre, but there too he needs music and hence, it is the musical theatre that attracts him the most. He has the talent of being able to play a variety of instruments and is hopeful of becoming a music editor or engineer someday.

Music is not just for the soul, this is what researchers who have successfully found out the health benefits of music, have to say. It would be surprising to know the high quality medicative proficiency of music. As opposed to illness specific medications, music is single-handedly able to eradicate a lot of physical as well as mental ailments. The benefits of music are so far reached that many organisations of health and hospitals, Care homes, etc. are allowing the experts in music therapy to take charge of their patients.

Seeing the wonderful magic touch of music, it is quite evident that more and more people of all ages like Bradley J Sterling will become drawn towards music and give it a very important place in their lives, as well as pursue it diligently. He already intends to even produce music for his own stage musical and become a music engineer for a large brand.

Thus, let music cure and encourage and touch the life of every single individual in some way or the other.