A temporary basement to construct an easy veranda

A temporary place in your house that is just like a waste and is bounded with all kind of home rubbish materials. Just convert it to the small veranda where make certain kind of sitting arrangement and can enjoy your leisure time with family and friends over there. This is what called an easy veranda. What it need is a good planning and a platform that can be converted to a veranda which contains composite decking, vinyl and composite fending, interior and exterior moulding , interior and closet doors. They can be made with interior and exterior products with a low maintenance, durable, high quality and attractive materials. The most important factor is design that depends on the orientation and the conservatory must offer enough brightness to the house in the winter and should be protective in the summer. It should be spacious and should not be loaded with unnecessary things, it should enlighten with a soft light that would provide a good feeling for the house and even would enhance the décor of the room. Veranda is considered as an affordable way to expand the outer living space of your house and have a new space for the enjoyment and entertainment. It is also cool for the interior of the hone and even gives proper ventilation to the house.

verandaTypes of veranda:-

Having a veranda is quite comforting a times, and there are different kinds of veranda’s that are designed with various kinds of metals like timer, metal, tiles etc.

  1. 1.       Timber veranda:-

It is made with glass and is a contemporary look, it lightens and brightens the outdoor space and ensures the uninterrupted view. It is not only made up of glass, but even coupled with concrete, timber and other flooring material.

  1. 2.       Steel veranda:-

It is not added up with any other materials as a substituent, but is a good protector from rotting or maintenance, it is an alternative where not the complete body of the veranda but only the frames, floor and posts can be constructed from steel for a sleet and stylish design.

Other important factors for an easy veranda:-

Other than this, the floor design is also an important factor for construction of an easy veranda. It is made popularly with stone, large tiles and even concrete verandah floors. The material complements the posts and the frame so that it can give an elegant look to the veranda. The color is even an important factor as well as the design that should match the style of the home. Hence it should first it should include an ideal selection of the materials and color and even with the roofing system which include  styles like skillion, glabe, roofed and  hipped roofs.

The easy veranda is even a good way to decorate the entrance of the home which can be decorated as many as it can be which will enhance the beauty of the home and even give a good and soft feeling to the people living in the house.


Easy veranda is a cool and interesting place that can be created with various common materials which are required for the construction of the house. They can be made from wood, metals, tiles, stones etc. if any of these materials are left even from the construction of the house, they can be utilized with little modifications for the construction of an easy veranda.