5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe with Sporty Fashion Trends

When was the last time someone commented on your impressive dressing? If you can’t recall this must be really grating on your nerves. Of course everyone wants a compliment every now and then especially when you have put down a fortune to get that cool blazer.


Time to Change

The problem is, things have changed; sporty is the new black and if your wardrobe is not optimized for trendy sportswear you might have a hard time making that fashion statement you so much desire. Still doubting this? Look out for most celebrities as they stroll on the streets.  From Beckham to Rihanna it is obvious to see why sportswear has gradually sneaked to the red carpet.

How to Step out in Fashionable Sportswear

Now that you have agreed this is a cool way to rebrand your fashion style why not look at some of the trending ideas in this area? Here are a few ideas:

  1. The Hats

If you are hat’s fan you should never be caught outside without a sporting one. It is quite simple because you just need to identify your team and voila! You have yourself a cool branded hat with a logo and colors to boot.  What’s more you can even buy one with a supporting message.

  1. T-shirts

As long as people will want to dress casually and still look trendy t-shirts will never go out of fashion. If you are resident of Michigan it is so easy to pick a tee that suits you perfectly. The one that instantly comes to mind is of course the Michigan Wolverines line of clothing.

There are so many ideas to choose from and all you have is to identify your taste and ensure it blends with your fashion taste.  T-shirts are in fact the most popular items among Michigan Clothing brands and for a good reason.  They can be worn by anyone from kids to adults and they are just too cool to ignore.

  1. Hoodies

Hoodies come in every style and they help you express a sense of freedom. They are mostly casual and when worn with jeans they are just irresistible. Most of the items in the market are of course sportswear supporting different teams and if you have a specific team you support this is a good way to show your love.

  1. Tank Tops

Thinking of stepping out during a hot afternoon?  Well, forget the t-shirt and go for that killer relaxed Henley tank top. Not only does it show your sporty side but you can bet heads will be turning as you head down to the beach. It is a cool way for ladies to enjoy their day out.

  1. Sports Accessories

Are you hitting the gym today? What about a sporty gym bag instead of the ordinary looking carry-all that you find in stores?  You can pick a bag with your favorite team’s logo. Other accessories include lanyards, sunglasses, backpacks, no-show socks and so much more to choose from.

It feels good to make a fashion statement and with trendy sportswear you will definitely nail it in a cool way.

Author Bio

Rosie Boyle is a fashion writer from Detroit with over 20 years experience in the field. She comments on trending Michigan clothing ideas and publishes it on her blog. She has published several fashion guides.